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Eekai Foundation part-time employment opportunity

We are proud to announce the Eekai foundation's success in receiving two part-time employment approval from Service Canada starting in June 2021-January 2022 for eligible youth up to 30 years.

Salary $14.25 hourly for up to 30 hours per week

Applications accepted now for the following 2 positions till May 28 at midnight Successful applicants will be notified for an interview in the following week

Please send your email application to info@eekai.orgPositions 1-Administrative assistant

2-Project coordinator

Job description/expectations: Membership drive and marketing for the foundation Community outreach and project search/analysis Eekai documentation/archiving electronically/communication Update Eekai website and social media pages Others as assigned by the board during the period Looking forward to your involvement/participation with Eekai foundation charity initiatives.

-Eekai Team-

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