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Emergency COVID19 Food Relief with Tears of Vanni in Kilinochchi

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Successful dry food delivery in Kilinochchi district to support 645 underprivileged, starving families. With this effort with Tears of Vani, we have now provided dry food parcels to families in lockdown and isolation since May 21st.

Areas supported: Allipalai, Iyakkachchi, Tharmakerny, Mukavil, Arasarkermy, Kovilvayal in Kilinochchi, Mulankavil, Iranativu, Kiranchchi, Ponnavely, Pallikuda, Paramankirai, Ganimadam, Cheddiyakurichchi, Keppapulavu, and Pilakkudiyiruppu.

Thank you for your ongoing support with our fundraiser and please continue to support!

When we unite and share, we are able to do so much good for the needy.

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